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>> [. here are the headlines. the takeover of power. >> russian pleasant of blood reboot and crawling the crisis in ukraine and who -- russian president vladimir putin called the crisis in ukraine a coup. and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu readies his speech to the biggest row in
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your lobby in washington. he told barack obama you will never compromise on israel plastic your day. israel's security. also coming up for you this hour, did you ever wonder what was the most expensive city in the world? a new survey says it is singapore, but right here in paris as a close second. will have the headlines from today's papers. most of the prez today is dominated by the situation in ukraine, and that was where we will begin this hour. vladimir putin is giving a lengthy conference on the as leading conference -- conflict in ukraine. he slammed what he called a unconstitutional takeover of our, basically a coup in
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ukraine. he said that the illegal change cannot be encouraged, but understands the wanting of change. he says that viktor yanukovych is still the legitimate president. gave updent yanukovych our company excepted everything the opposition demanded. accepted the idea of holding early parliamentary elections committee excepted a return to the 2004 prostitution. he responded positively to the withst we made it, along our european partners, not to resort to the instant force. the order tosue open fire on the protesters. and moreover, he gave the order for police forces to retreat from the capital. and they complied with that. for more analysis on what vladimir wooten had to say
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today, i'm going to bring in our reporter in moscow. what more can you tell us? when we have seen from vladimir putin is a reiteration of the things we heard from most the last few aides days. the whole world was waiting nervously for a few days, and he made them wait a little bit longer, and eventually said that the russians are protecting the rights of russian speaking citizens in crimea. they won't allow the grading guard -- army to attack women and children. forlso said there's no need reaction right now they need to
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protect international law and the legitimacy of the elected president in ukraine, viktor yanukovych. are acting americans -- not a very cooperative tone. >> urgent national resonant are here with us on the set. producer isnational team one with the the set. >> he will not intervene beyond intoorders of crimea ukraine proper. he does reserve the right to do so. a message tosends the west, this might not necessarily be over. we can do already the dutch more than we already have militarily speaking.
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that is the main point to come out of that press conference. the is also interesting narrative that you can hear coming out of moscow. they have a totally parallel reading of the situation in ukraine the best versus how the west season. clinton says you cannot blame us for what we are doing because he is telling that the west has legitimacy has all wrong. not oustedkovych was -- the constitution was not respected. they showed the letter at the u.n. yesterday, therefore they have not only legitimacy, but law on their side. legality. they cannot be blamed for what they are doing. secondly, the west is hypocritical, because they also act according to their own national interests and foreign policy premises, and they disguised as an act of international legitimacy.
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vladimir putin said look at what they did in afghanistan, iraq, and libya. they either interviewed without a international mandate cover or a mandate that they in -- interprovincial widely as to achieve their own specific ambitions of the region. whatd you, this squares vladimir putin said to angela merkel. she told president barack obama that he does not see it the way we will just view the world. >> what cannot be done is for to put with impunity, its soldiers on the ground and --late basic red symbols runcible that are recognized around the world.
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condemnationrong that it is received from world countries and dictates that russia is on the wrong side of history on this. strong words from president obama about not being on the wrong side of history, while russia's convinced it is on the right side of history. >> vladimir putin is trying to right the wrongs of recent history. he thinks that the breakup of the soviet union is the worst thing that happened to moscow and he is trying to reassert russian influence where he can, and where he can russian control. when the russian army invaded parts of russian georgian regions, it is the same dynamic at play here in ukraine. even though vladimir putin says that they are allowed to choose their own future, clearly he is showing that moscow intends to have its say in ukraine's future
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decisions. >> thank you. there have been reports of russian troops firing warning shots at the bell back air base in the caribbean reason -- caribbean region. they came at 300 ukrainian soldiers that could -- previously controlled the pace that.and their jobs -- back. a possible split in the ukraine could be on the way. thousands of russians are protesting the new government, which they accuse of carrying out a coup d'état. which city could be at risk? storming into the regional government building, in the east david city -- eastern c
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ity. they used a broken gate to sneak in. russia, theyussia, want to split from ukraine to become part of russia, urging lawmakers to organize a lawmaker by the end of the month. authorities reject it as say such a vote would be illegal and the scuffles broke out of the government headquarters. they waved the russian flag. faced with such violence, they called for calm. >> you have to understand that we have to be united. we have to be united. went to live in a peaceful country. the east and the south have become hotspots. in the leg -- second-largest
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campedemonstrators prevent statue, to western supporters from destroying it. according to atf -- kiev, they have diploid troops over the past week. this was dramatically interrupted this morning after an image of a witness was broadcast on television. parts of the trial are being broadcast in south africa and in the world, but the courts have also allowed witnesses to decide if they don't want to be filled. ae witness in question is neighbor of the athlete, who is on trial for murdering his girlfriend. she testified she heard a woman screaming from his house before hearing shots fired.
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toar pistorius has admitted shooting his go for the valentine's day of last year, but he said he shot her by mistake, thinking she was an intruder. been more clashes between police and antigovernment protesters in venezuela. hard-core opponents through rocks and logs fire bombs at right police. they then shot back with tear gas. they marked the one-month sincersary, and one year the former venezuelan leader hugo chavez died. just ahead of the elections 77-year-old formally submitted his candidacy for the coming election. he is ready for a fourth term, but algerians question his fitness to govern, given the state of his health. he was hospitalized for three
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months last year after a stroke. all of her has more. >> it has been a long time, but algerians president family makes in of fear it's -- finally makes an appearance. he made his way to the constitutional council to take care of some paperwork. he spoke to reporters in a noticeably rail voice -- frail voice. the president had not spoken in public since may of 2012. he is now 77 years old, many are now down to his ability to govern, affidavit demand it to medical records. there was much speculation, but
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it's saw him looking very -- appearance saw him looking very weak. >> i think running for the fourth time is seen by the algae in -- out. retainingnot only the of the status quo but contempt for the popular will. >> these images show a protest today that was violently put down by police. >> in egypt, the army chief rshall has just given the clearest indication that he will indeed run for president. he said he cannot ignore the demands of the "majority."
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morsi, the first freely elected president in july is widely expected to become the new president. the man who made headlines late last year when he made the first -- took the first in body artificial heart has died. he lived 75 days with a prosthetic heart. it was late -- made by the right company carmat. bewas the first part made to clearly inside the human body. >> it worked for 75 days, but on sunday night, the first recipient of this pioneering provisional heart died in paris. the 76-year-old patient suffered from terminal heart failure. his heart was unable to pump enough led to save his body. in december of last year he went under a 12 hour operation to be fitted with a prosthetic heart.
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them 25 years to develop this device, designed to mimic and replace a real heart for the long run. >> i chose to copy the human heart, it is not a complex as other artificial heart. experimental artificial hearts of the news for years, but they are you temporary pumps designed to keep the patient alive while they wait for a transplant. hasfrench health minister said consoles it's is to the patient's family, and lends support to the medical teams behind the device. it is too soon to say whether the device has a basic test -- been a success. >> the most expensive city in the world is officially it bombed tokyo
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from the top spot. due to theising price of utilities, and number two is right here in paris. kate explains. >> and poor has reached new heights. the city state is home to nearly 5.5 million people, and is become the most expensive city to live in. isording to the economist, isolated location names and license really ought other countries for energy and water supplies, while luxury fashion makes it a pricey city for clothes. it rose six spots in this year's ranking. yen saw tokyo fall to sixth place, and caracas raucous, geneva, and melbourne. many living ine
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asian cities are in the top 10. new york claimed the vote defensive title for north america, but fell to 26 overall. paris charges the highest average price for a liberal natural -- liter of petrol. the french capital is beholden to the cheapest bottles of wine. benjamin netanyahu is readying his speech to the biggest row israel lobby in washington. president told u.s. barack obama he will never compromise on israel posse purity. israel's security. the u.s. president hiked up the pressure, saying it would be
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harder to protect israel if these efforts with the palestinian's failed. meeting face-to-face coming yards and to make the decisions needed to salvage the peace process. >> some decisions are going to have to be made, but i know that the prime minister will make those decisions based on his estimate of israel's security. >> he said it was for the palestinians to deliver. >> they have uprooted entire settlements. released hundreds of terrorist prisoners, including dozens of -- israel has been doing its part. the palestinians have not. >> new settlement building and the west bank doubled last year, and they secure a framework deal by the end of april target. house at to the white
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the end of march, and is refusing to recognize israel as a nation state of people. today's inside look, we have the president of the international center for peace in the middle east. thank you. we just heard that president obama said israel needs to take tough decisions. what does he need israel to do? yes to understand the bigger example. it is very fundamental issue for making peace by there, we'll a piece of the region. that is the security for the region.
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what is to be done by prime minister netanyahu is to be very courageous. not only to work on their own internal opinion but to have it vision for the future. what do they want for their children, grandchildren, and the next generation? the region goes through huge turmoil. the strategies linking to jordan, linking to lebanon, or the -- all the refugees. crisis, andorrible it shows in the political instability. instability in egypt, we're going to have elections, we drovety in iraq, the american army from afghanistan. and now the crisis in ukraine, it is unstable.
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we bring everybody him here to be down. >> what would it take to take that -- make it happen? what does it mean to break through in this peace process? >> netanyahu needs to decide which quilish and i can't believe that coalition they can believe. the palestinians being part of this coalition, they won't let him develop some settlements. they won't let him go forward. at the same time, abbas has his own opposition. his own people a very frustrated , they cannot move freely. the financial economic crisis facing them, they will both have to give up something for the
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future of the next generation. again, the best security of israel will be by doing the improvement of this peace agreement. willday the prime minister be addressing the pro-israel lobby in the super pac. is there anyway way to get people to change their minds? i'm very happy to see them in the last few months, we have seen the discourse of the israeli war minister -- foreign minister, mr. lieberman being much more moderate. willafraid that netanyahu expand on the trials that israel still there, is but they need to negotiate.
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--otiations are taking as place at the same time. for the future generation, if israelis want to move fourth of they have to have a message of hope. both of the leaders will have to have the necessary courage to go forward. they will have to work with the national community. >> thank you so much for coming in to speak to us. that they dog indeed have the courage to take the next steps. -- fourur sport snap sports now. here's the latest. >> the trial for oscar pistorius has begun. the double-amputee at elite who will -- one six paralympic gold history is onde
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trial for shooting his girlfriend. he claims it is an accident, taking she was an intruder. mediaas a worldwide attention, as shown in part on television. he once again denied the charges. >> how do you plead? >> not guilty, my lady. >> problems in the translation of the statement. everything that happened -- [indiscernible] we did manage to call our first witness.
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tomorrow, we will move forward. prosecutors say that pistorius planned the killing, and shot her after a disagreement. if guilty of murder coming to face life in prison. just 100 days to go before the world cup kicks off in brazil. spain is the team to beat. titleholders compete with netherlands, chile, and australia. to be able to enjoy a first hand, you simply have to take heart of the responsibility, make sure we are fully focused in the next few months.
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this is the main goal in our lives, to find out what the best thing for us to do over the best elements in training, to make sure we are conditioned well. those preparations ahead of sunday's tournament, in preparation for his final appearance. >> we will enjoy the concentration time, using ghost 15 days to reach those -- using those 50 days to reach the final hurdle. >>gg99ññwçça7guc
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